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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



Engineering center in the field of production of on-board radar surveillance complexes of the earth


The educational building "E" MarSU, st. Mashinostroiteley, 15, 4th floor

Goals and tasks

The goal - the production of airborne radar systems for remote sensing of the Earth


- development of a leading edge in the field of production of on-board equipment for radar observation of the Earth in centimeter (X, C and P) ranges of sounding electromagnetic radiation;

- production of specialized modules for digital processing of signals and radar images, as well as software and algorithmic software for airborne radar systems of the synthesized aperture of the antenna as part of promising space and airborne remote sensing devices for the Earth;

- development and maintenance of geographic information systems based on the sensing data of the surface (X, C and P - ranges) and subsurface (P-range) layers of the Earth.

Directions of working:

- cooperation with the Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Education “Mari State University” on the training of specialists in the development of specialized software based on PLDs and signal processors, the implementation of joint research, organization of practices, employment, etc .;

- development, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of software for specialized devices using the Xilinx and Texas Instruments element base (processor modules, data storage modules, video modules, switching modules, input / output interface modules, digital signal processing modules, ADC / DAC submodules / optical transceivers, hardware accelerators, etc.);

- development of high-performance specialized modules for digital signal processing, generation and processing of radar signals of onboard radar systems with synthesized aperture;

- development of software and algorithmic support for geographic information systems for a wide range of purposes using information on the Earth’s surface obtained in various spectral regions of the radio range.

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"Leaders of MarSU" is an open personnel project for talented and perspective students from all over the university


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    Lecture for students of the "Farmer's School" of the direction "Beekeeping and processing of beekeeping products"
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    Faculty of General Education and Professional Studies students took part in the stage IV Intra-University Olympiad of students in Pedagogy named after Academician Z.I. Ravkin
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