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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



Sports, leisure and health insurance


There ate gyms with all necessary equipment for in- and outdoor sports.

Every year the Universiade "Freshman" and the Universiade “Mari State University” take place at thr University:

• Summer polyathlon
• Basketball
• Badminton
• Shooting
• Volleyball
• Table tennis
• Mini football
• Athletics
• Aerobics
• Ski racing

Student sport and wellness centre «Olimpiets» was founded in 1974 on Lake Yalchik in order to provide conditions for activity, health promotion, improving sports skills of students and employees. The centre occupies an area containing about 2 hectares, works in summer-time and designed for 210 seats.
There are all necessary educational, cultural and household sports facilities on the centre territory. The camp is provided by equipment and outfit.

The sport and wellness centre of the University is for educational and recreational activities, sports, cultural work among students, graduate students, professors and staff. The study is carried out in the framework of the educational process (practices, conferences, seminars etc.).


Foreign students are provided with medical service in Municipal Clinic No. 2 of Yoshkar-Ola (medical insurance is necessary) and MarSU medical aid station.


The Campus card, or «universal student card», combines several functions – a pass to the University, an access to information resources (timetable, library and etc.), an electronic analogue of the student ID and a gradebook. It also can be used as a Bank debit card to pay for goods and services. Within the framework of the project cards will be produced not only for students, but also for professors and other staff of the University.


There are some annual student festivals and other cultural events. International office can organize for foreign students and staff members a cultural program, including visits to theaters, museums, places of recreation in Yoshkar-Ola and Mari El.

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"Leaders of MarSU" is an open personnel project for talented and perspective students from all over the university


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    HUAWEI is interested in the scientific potential of MarGU
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    Congratulations to Viktor Alexandrovich Golovin on the successful defense of his PhD thesis
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