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Invitations and Visas


The International Office of Mari State University provides assistance in preparing invitations needed for the Russian entry visa to all non-Russian citizens registered for the Summer School. For the invitations, we will use the information provided in the application forms. Therefore we encourage the applicants to check their personal data carefully, in order to avoid problems with the Russian Consular and Migration services.

  • The citizens of the EU-member states can apply for the Russian short-term visa on a simplified procedure; so they will be sent Letters of Invitation from Mari State University.

  • The non-EU citizens (e.g. US, Canadian, etc.) will be sent official invitation forms.

  • Citizens of the CIS countries (e.g. Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.) who do not need the Russian entry visa should read the information in Russian here (ссылка на стр. ГРАЖДАНАМ РФ И СТРАН СНГ)

We will try to prepare and send the invitations to the applicants far in advance by regular air mail, or, in case of urgency, by courier mail.

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