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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



Summer School of Russian Language


Yoshkar-Ola, Republic of Mari El, Russian Federation

August 4–22, 2014

Mari State University is happy to announce the summer-school-of-russian-language-and-culture organized by the Faculty of History and Philology and the International Office of Mari State University. The Summer School will take place in Yoshkar-Ola, the capital of the Mari El Republic, on August 4-22, 2014.

Mari State University invites to enroll in the Summer Language School to the program “Russian language in ethnic and cultural environment of the Mari El Republic”. We invite students, postgraduates, lectors, professors, scientists and everyone who is interested in Russian language and culture.

Why to choose the Mari El Republic?

Mari El is a region with rich history and unique culture. Our Republic preserves famous Volga region oak woods, pine forests descending to virgin taiga nature; national parks and reserves such as Mariy Chodra and Bolshaya Kokshaga, very beautiful lakes, hundreds of springs and wells which flow into local rivers.

You can visit here the estate museum “Sheremetev castle” situated on the left bank of the Volga and many other architectural sites. Located in Kozmodemyansk, famous all over Russia the A.V. Grigoriev historical and arts museum gathered unique canvas of the greatest Russian painters of the XVIII-XX centuries; there is also Ethnographic museum in the open air which offers the exposition telling you about Mari culture and everyday life in the period before the Revolution of 1917.

There are a lot of orthodox temples, churches and cloisters in Mari El. Mironositskaya hermitage comes forth from them. It is one of the oldest monasteries not only in the Mari region but in the whole left bank of the Volga.

The Mari El capital has a beautiful and canorous name: Yoshkar-Ola. 

Modern Yoshkar-Ola is not only a big industrial, cultural and scientific center of the Republic but one of the cultural centers of Finno-Ugric peoples.

There are many different cultural and historical sites in Yoshkar-Ola, as well as cinemas, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes. It is one of the most beautiful cities of the Volga region. It stands on the bank of the Malaya Kokshaga River.

Yoshkar-Ola is a city of the young. There are two Universities: Mari State University and Volga State University of Technology; and a lot of professional training units of secondary education.

Who can attend the courses in the Summer Language School?

The courses in the Summer Language School are intended for the students of any age. They are available for both beginners and for those who want to advance their Russian language level. The Summer School program includes three parallel modules: for beginners, for intermediate students and for advanced students. Studying will be in groups, 20 academic hours per week, Monday through Friday (1 academic hour = 45 minutes). Each group consists of 8-12 persons. Students will be divided into groups in accordance to the results of the Entrance test.

The classes and workshops will be delivered by the experienced professors of Mari State University, who has a long teaching experience with students from different parts of the world: the USA, France, China, Jordan. The Summer school language is English/Russian.

The School offers optional courses:

  • Russian language Phonetics,
  • Russian language Grammar,
  • Oral practice,
  • Business Russian language,
  • Old Russian language,
  • Church Slavonic language, etc.

Aim of study

The training in the Summer Language School gives students the opportunity to not only study the language in its natural realization but at the same time understand the life and culture of the peoples who inhabit Mari El – the Russians, the Mari, the Tatars and etc.

We are glad to introduce you to the ancient traditions of the Russians and the Mari, to let you listen to Russian ritual songs and wonderful sounds of Mari psaltery, walk in the circle of a Mari dance and try local dishes.

The specific features of study in the Summer School

The study process in the Summer Language School is built on the following programs:

– The language program means Russian language learning using integrated methods: one part of the classes is immersion without speaking on a foreign language; another part involves an intermediary language (English or German according to the student groups).

– Ethnical and cultural program is devoted to the subject “The Mari El Republic: traditions and culture”. Lectures, excursions and master classes that represent essentials of this program are conducted in different institutions of the city and the republic and also in the open air.

– Entertainment program includes visiting museums and exhibitions, excursions through the city, seeing of historical and cultural sites of the Mari El Republic, outside walks.

What is the process of language learning?

Practical classes on the Russian language are read by the professors of the Russian and Common Linguistics department of the Faculty of History and Philology of Mari State University.

Lectures and master classes are provided by the professionals in this field, including the University staff.

During the walks through the city, excursions and travels to different regions of the republic you can communicate with native speakers out of classes.

Moreover, students of the Faculty of History and Philology accompany Summer Language School listeners during entertainment program and also in the spare time in evening. They can help significantly in spoken Russian language learning.

The classes will give each student the opportunity to get enough practice during the lessons. The language study process will be closely connected with learning the cultural aspects of life and the ancient traditions of Russian people. Besides students will be able to get acquainted to traditions and culture of Mari people who originally lived on the territory of the Mari El Republic.

The cultural part of studying program will include:

· Excursion around the town and visits to the museums of Yoshkar-Ola which gives the students opportunity to get acquainted to the history, geography and culture of the region;

· A journey to Kozmodemyansk, the oldest town of the republic, with excursion to the following museums: Open Air Ethnographic Museum with an exposition that demonstrates the way of life and culture of the Mari people, A.V. Grigoryev Art and History Museum with canvasses by Kustodiyev, Vrubel, Shishkin, Golovin, and Malyavin, Museum of Merchant Household with interiors, furniture, and household items of a merchant’s house;

· Various workshops: “Russian traditional quisine”, “Traditional Russian folkgames”, “Various forms of Russian gingerbread”, “Traditional tee from the samowar”;

· Video club: films in Russian. Viewing and discussion.

Language classes accompanied with cultural program will give the students opportunity to see Russia with their own eyes and to form their own opinion about Russia and Russian people today.

At the end of the Summer School all students will get the official Certificate of the Mari State University with the results of their studying.


Students are placed in the hostel of Mari State University.

Come to study Russian language, the third main language of the world, to the Mari State University. summer-school-of-russian-language-and-culture will be the right choice for you! 

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