Coat of arms MarSU
424000, Yoshkar-Ola city, Lenin Square 1
Telephone: +7 (8362) 68 80 42

Travel to Yoshkar-Ola


The traditional route for travel to Yoshkar-Ola is through Moscow. The only direct train to Yoshkar-Ola leaves every evening from the Kazansky railway terminal (Kazansky vokzal) in Moscow. Time in the way: approx. 16 hours (arrival next morning).

The alternative route can be found through the close big cities, Kazan and Cheboksary. Kazan has the international airport; there are some trains and many buses going between Kazan and Yoshkar-Ola.

The International Office of Mari State University will provide meeting and transfer from the railway station in Yoshkar-Ola. We can assist you with the advise and instruction if you choose the route through the cities of Kazan or Cheboksary.

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