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From 12th to 25th of March a group of 1st-3rd-year students and two professors of the Faculty of Foreign Languages undertook an internship at SWAN Training Institute (Dublin, Ireland), a private language school.
On the basis of the testing and interview results with the head of the educational institution the participants of the program were distributed into groups. For the MarSU professors N.I. Efimova and M.A. Serebryakova and for some students (future English teachers) this meant not only an intensive language practice, but also an opportunity to learn more about foreign methods of English teaching.
In one group there were representatives of ten countries: Spain, Italy, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, China, Slovenia, Estonia, Turkey and Russia. The foreigners have a very superficial views concerning Russia. Our students and professors needed to tell the foreigners often about our country, its important events and personalities, to represent its culture, science and literature. Russian students left only the best impressions on the school staff, people working in Dublin museums and host families.
For two weeks they could form an image about almost all the significant Dublin and Irish attractions: the Dublin historical center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity College and Book of Kells etc. The special event, of course, was a visit of the parade on St. Patrick’s Day.
Each student had been living in an Irish family, that could deepen the language practice and to learn more about culture and life of the country. Cozy houses, traditional Irish food, everyday activities of Irish families – everything has become so native for those two weeks, that passed by completely unnoticed.
At the end of the course the participants were given the certificates of completion with their language level. The headmaster of the educational institution noted strong language knowledge of our professors and students, who were trained in groups with C1 and B2 levels of English.


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