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Mari State University

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MarSU students were trained at the Budapest Business School

10.02.2021 10:31:00

Students of the Institute of National Culture and Intercultural Communication Artemyeva Daria and Kolesnikov Kirill won a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship to study at the Budapest Business School under the programs "International Business" and "Business Administration", respectively. The training lasted six months: from September 2020 to January 2021.

Despite the current epidemiological situation around the world, students still managed to come to the capital of Hungary for training.

The first weeks in Budapest after the release from the 14-day quarantine is the collection of many necessary documents for living in another country: a residence permit, tax and student cards, insurance. Fortunately, there were no problems with the documents, and our students were treated very friendly everywhere.

Practical classes for students were held offline, and lectures, which were attended by more than 150 people, were held on the corporate platform Microsoft Teams. It seemed convenient for students to be able to review online lectures, especially during exams. In the middle of the semester, students took intermediate exams, the so-called mid-terms, and at the end of the semester - full-fledged exams in each subject (there were 8 of them).

The students noted the teachers' creative approach to couples and their responsiveness. Also, great attention was paid to teamwork and group projects. In addition to joint presentations, our students, each in their own team, created a ready-made business plan.

Having successfully passed the exams at the Budapest Business School, our students returned to Russia.

Daria and Kirill had an amazing opportunity to study in Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city is divided by the Danube river into two parts: Budu and Pest. Buda is a green and mountainous part of the city, Pest is flat and densely populated with attractions. On weekends, the guys often came to Buda, from which a stunning view of the city opened up.

Budapest is interesting both historically and culturally, but, unfortunately, during the pandemic, the museums were closed, and the guys were not able to visit all the planned places.

What our students especially noted is the quality of public transport, accessibility for people with disabilities and an increased level of safety due to the epidemiological situation. In their free time, students managed to travel around almost all of Hungary. It is worth noting that students receive a 50% discount on all types of transport, so traveling around Hungary was not only very exciting, but also affordable. Daria and Kirill visited Sopron, Tokay, Miskolc, Tatu and the famous Lake Balaton. We saw many local attractions and beautiful places. We managed to get acquainted and make friends with guys from Japan, Mexico, Kazakhstan, France.

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