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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



Experimental laboratory of city farming opened at Mari State University

27.05.2022 08:36:00

Agrarian and technological institute of Mari State University is constantly looking for new ways to improve the food security conditions of the region and the country. Another step was the opening of the experimental laboratory of siti-farming.

The honor to cut the red ribbon at the entrance to the laboratory was given to the rector of Mari State University Mikhail Shvetsov, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Mari El Andrey Kondratenko and the director of the institute Andrey Onegov.

In addition to a table for discussions and lectures, the laboratory itself has four stands for growing microgreens at any time of the year. Special equipment allows optimal temperature, humidity and air circulation. Seeds planted just a week ago are already sprouting in the laboratory, which is also equipped with modern microscopes to check the quality of the planted seeds. The lab is already growing leaf lettuce, dill, parsley, basil, mustard, radish, cabbage, melissa, green onions, broccoli, peas and more.

In their welcoming speech, the representatives of education and industry noted the importance of interaction and cooperation to achieve the best results and development of agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Mari El.

As Andrey Onegov noted during his speech, the greens grown in the laboratory may be used in the students' feeding points as well as for medicinal purposes and in industrial scale. Particular attention will be paid to the development of automated systems. Recall that in April a laboratory for energy conservation and smart technology opened at the MarSU Institute of Digital Technology. Thanks to the new development, it is possible to remotely monitor the growth conditions of various plants, as well as to regulate them with the help of a smartphone. In addition, additional educational programs for residents of the city and the conduct of research projects are planned on the basis of the laboratory.

The lab was opened as part of the Priority 2030 strategic academic leadership program. Mari State University passed the competitive selection in September 2021 and became one of 106 participating universities from all over Russia. According to the plan of the adopted development program, 4 important strategic projects aimed at the development of science, education, international activities and social sphere not only within the university, but also in the entire Republic of Mari El are to be implemented.

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