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Приемная комиссия +7 (8362) 641-541, 688-088 prk@marsu.ru

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"Oh, sport, you are the world": can sport be outside politics? A discussion at the 59th meeting of the political science club "Socrates"


The topic dedicated to the recent Winter Olympics held in Beijing, which would have to mean sports, was on the agenda of the 59th meeting of the political science club "Socrates". After the end of the Olympics, it makes sense to talk about the state of Russian sports, its problems and prospects.

Opening the meeting, the moderator, Candidate of Political Sciences and Associate Professor of the Department of Intercultural Communication Evgeniy Suslov noted that the idea "Oh, sport, you are the world", invented by Pierre de Coubertin or borrowed from the ancient Greeks, the organizers of the first Olympiads, has not passed the test of time. It was an optimistic wish for future generations, however, it has remained a dream.

This time, Associate Professor A.V. Yakovenko spoke as an expert at the Socrates meeting, and elaborated detail about his vision of the interaction of such spheres of human activity as sports and politics. According to the expert, in the modern world, sport has long been a factor of politics and is used for the purpose of asserting the power of a particular state, popularizing its sporting achievements, but the most important thing is that big sport is good for business. The name of Baron de Coubertin was mentioned once more, for it was he formulated the famous thesis about sport as a means of achieving peace between peoples.

This begs the question: was the Baron a naive idealist? I suppose not. The question is, for which class did he propose his famous formula? Who could have been involved in sports at the end of the XIX century, when the modern Olympic movement was restored? Sport was not a social elevator as it is now. People who could play sports were already wealthy and held a high social position. Therefore, their sports activities and activities for the organization of sports competitions were disinterested. When the First Olympic Games were held in Paris, they stretched for almost two months. People came to the Olympics not only to compete in some sports, but also to have fun at balls and receptions.

According to A.V. Yakovenko, sports have become a very expensive activity today. For example, equipment for playing hockey starts from 50 thousand rubles. Add to that flights and relocations, which are also paid for by parents. The services of trainers are also very expensive. It's hard to even name a sport that you could come to from the street. And this is a real trouble. In the same China, according to the expert, the system of training trainers deserves serious attention. Capable children are being sought out all over the country. They find a world-class coach and create a coaching school for him, where they gather people from all over China. Yes, they will be mediocre coaches, but they will be able to ensure a sufficiently high-quality growth in the success of Chinese athletes. The system works flawlessly.

Confirming the presence of the economic component of sports, Associate Professor of the Department of Intercultural Communication Galina Tsvetkova noted that many stakeholders are interested in organizing sports events, but there are situations when even large-scale competitions are unprofitable. So, the 1984 Olympics in the USA turned out to be unprofitable. American business as a stakeholder lost at this Olympics. One can conclude: obviously, not everything is measured by money.

A good addition to the realistic performance of A.V.Yakovenko were the co-reports of 4th year students E.Semenova and A.Taratkina.

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