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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



Scientific infrastructure of the university

Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation - Director of the Development Program of the Key University

1. Management of scientific and innovative activities

  • Innovation Center
  • Research Sector
  • Department of Project Planning and Financial Support
  • Department of research work of students
  • Department of publishing activity and intellectual property

2. The Scientific Library named after R. A. Panova
3. Department of graduate school, residency and doctoral studies
4. Publishing Center
5. Editorial board of scientific journals
6. Engineering center
7. Archeology Competency Center
8. Business incubator
9. Technopark
10. Collective-use center
11. Research laboratories and centers
12. Small innovative enterprises

Department of Scientific and Innovative Activities
Areas of work: implementation of the main provisions of state policy on science and innovation and cooperation in the field of research; development of research activities as the basis for the creation of new knowledge, the development of new technologies, the formation and development of scientific schools and leading research teams in priority areas of science; coordination of the work of structural units of the university in the field of planning, organization, conduct and support of scientific and innovative activities; implementation and promotion of scientific research of the university, development of the financial basis of R&D.
Scientific Library named after R. A. Panova
Directions of working: the library is the methodological center of libraries of higher and secondary special educational institutions of the Mari El (the association includes 14 libraries), as well as the base laboratory for the practice and scientific work of students in the direction of “Library and Information Activities”, it is part of the Interregional Association of Business Libraries. The International Association of Scientific and Technical Libraries of Russia, the Russian Library Association (section "University Libraries"), Interregional Analytical Listing of Articles and EDD (electronic document delivery) projects within the framework of Association of Regional Library Consortia.
Department of Graduate Studies, Residency and Doctoral Studies
Directions of working: the organization of admission and the educational process in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard, the training of graduate students and doctoral students in directions, monitoring the implementation of individual plans for the preparation of graduate students, doctoral students and applicants, as well as educational activities for the preparation of graduate students, tracking and studying regulatory and legal materials in the field of education and providing reliable performance data and the effectiveness of the postgraduate and doctoral studies department, necessary for self-assessment and analysis by management.
Publishing Center
Directions of working: the formation of annual plans for the publication of literature on the basis of the analysis of the provision of the educational process with the necessary literature; publication of planned manuscripts; the implementation of individual elements of the editorial and publishing cycle, the production of original mock-ups, etc. organization of quality control of content and compliance with the publishing standards of published literature; methodological and consulting work with faculties, departments, library and other departments of the university on issues of literature; definition of technology for the publishing process; participation in the organization of staff development; preparation of reports on publishing activities.
Editorial Board of Scientific Journals
Directions of working: implementation of the main provisions of state policy on scientific publications; dissemination of scientific knowledge, promoting the development of the information base of science and higher education in Russia; strengthening the image of Mari State University in the scientific and teaching community, attracting talented Russian and foreign scientists to collaborate with him, promoting the university’s scientific developments.
Engineering center for the production of on-board radar systems for remote sensing of the Earth
Directions of working: providing the conditions for cooperation with the Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Education “Mari State University” for the training of specialists in the development of specialized software based on FPGAs and signal processors, the implementation of joint research, organization of practices, employment, etc .; development, supply, commissioning and maintenance of software for specialized devices using the Xilinx and Texas Instruments element base (processor modules, data storage modules, video modules, switching modules, input / output interface modules, digital signal processing modules, ADC / DAC / sub-modules / optical transceivers, hardware accelerators, etc.); development of high-performance specialized modules for digital signal processing, generation and processing of radar signals of onboard radar systems with synthesized aperture; development of software and algorithmic support for geographic information systems for a wide range of purposes using information on the Earth's surface obtained in various spectral regions of the radio range.
Archeology Competency Center
Directions of working: scientific and technical cooperation with the Institute of Archeology. A. Kh. Halikova of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan. Archeological research (intelligence) and security and rescue research of archaeological heritage sites in the Chuvash Republic, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Mari El; participation in grants, contests, programs; publication of scientific articles in international and domestic peer-reviewed journals and publications.
Business incubator
Directions of working: assistance in the establishment of regional innovation systems and the development of small business, the creation of favorable conditions for the starting development of small enterprises by providing a range of services and resources, providing enterprises on favorable terms with communications, office equipment, necessary equipment, etc.

Directions of working: providing conditions for innovative enterprises to conduct independent economic activity; ensuring the interaction of innovative enterprises and investors, as well as grant-forming organizations and banks; advertising the activities of innovative enterprises; interaction with faculties and institutes aimed at promoting innovative products and educational services of the university.
Collective-use center
Directions of working:Resource support for research and educational work in the areas of training / specialties of the university; fundamental and applied research in priority areas; conducting laboratory and practical classes as part of the implementation of the PLO HE in the areas of preparation / specialties of the university; laboratory research to carry out term papers and final qualification works (projects) in the areas of training / specialties of the university; consultations and technical assistance to university employees, undergraduate and postgraduate students in using the technical facilities of the center; the organization, together with the graduating departments of educational and methodological support, scientific and methodological support, program and information support for the preparation of the educational process in the areas of training / specialties of the Institute of Medicine and Natural Sciences; the current content and development of the material and technical base of the CCP; ensuring safe working conditions for employees, students and graduate students of the university during laboratory and practical classes.
Research laboratories and centers
The university has 34 research and educational laboratories and centers.
Small innovative enterprises
Limited liability company  «Center for Innovation»
Directions of working: conducting paid olympiads and other intellectual and (or) creative contests and events aimed at identifying and developing students' intellectual and creative abilities, interest in scientific, research, creative activities, and promoting scientific knowledge and creative achievements. OGRN 1161215063162  TIN 1215214798  KPP 121501001
Limited liability company «Digital Transformation Laboratory»
Directions of working: practical application (implementation) of the results of intellectual activity, the implementation of commercial activities for profit; providing conditions for the development of computer software; to conduct activities of agents specializing in wholesale trade; research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, social sciences and humanities. OGRN 1181215003837 TIN 1215224482  KPP 121501001
Limited liability company  « RADAR-RSA »
Directions of working: production of tools and instruments for measuring, testing and navigation, development of computer software; research and development in the field of social sciences and humanities, natural and technical sciences; the activity of web portals, data processing, the provision of information hosting services and related activities, computer equipment management activities, in the field of telecommunications, in the field of communication based on wireless technologies. OGRN 1181215006334  TIN 1215226183  KPP 121501001
Autonomous Nonprofit Organization « Center for Scientific and Social Initiatives »
Directions of working: ensuring conditions for organizing a system of training and support for social entrepreneurs in the Republic of Mari El; development of infrastructure to promote social and entrepreneurial projects; information support for the activities of social entrepreneurs; the provision of educational, consulting services for beginners and existing subjects of social entrepreneurship; the development of inter-regional and international cooperation to promote the ideas and values ​​of social entrepreneurship, the development of an innovative approach to solving social problems.

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On December 13, 2021, for the first time, an intra-university student Olympiad in general hygiene and human ecology was held for foreign students (in English).



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