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"Leaders of MarSU" is an open personnel project for talented and perspective students from all over the university

Competently organizing teamwork and bringing it to success is the main task of a leader. Are you ready to become one? Of course, I am ready, especially since the acceptance of applications for participation in the open personnel competition "MarSU Leaders - 2021" has been announced. You can join one of the 8 tracks and show your skills in systems thinking, creativity, planning and teamwork. Experienced leaders will become your mentors, including the rector of our university Mikhail Shvetsov.

The winners will receive certificates for completing educational programs, the possibility of internships and training in partner organizations of the university, inclusion in the university's personnel reserve program, participation in a mentoring program with leading university employees, as well as funding for design solutions presented in the framework of the competition.

Goals and objectives of the competition:

The competition is held in order to identify, develop and support promising students with a high level of development of leadership qualities and managerial competencies.

Tasks of the competition:

• development of the university's personnel reserve from students with a high level of leadership qualities, creative and social activity, civic position;

• creation of a communication platform for the exchange of experience between the participants, promoting their further development and dissemination of best practices;

• the formation of an active civic position among the university students;

• increasing the managerial, creative and social activity of students;

• formation of a positive social and professional image of students and graduates of the university who have achieved significant results aimed at the development of the university.

Participation in the competition:

Participants of the Competition can be full-time students studying at the Mari State University in the areas of bachelor's, specialist's and master's degrees.

Each participant of the competition can register only once.

To participate in the Contest, no later than the deadline for registration of participants, submit an application in the information system (in Russian: https://goo.su/5ef9, in English: https://cutt.ly/4bQKWYt).

The application includes a completed electronic portfolio for the selected nomination of the competition, as well as a video interview recorded by the applicant for participation. The video interview should include a presentation and a motivational part of why this particular applicant should win in the chosen nomination.

Participants are required to indicate reliable and up-to-date information in accordance with the established registration form.

Nominations of the Competition

The participant of the competition can apply for participation in the following nominations:


The goal is to identify the most promising specialists in the field of sports and physical culture, capable of achieving high results and promoting sports activities. The applicant must have significant achievements in the field of physical culture and sports, as well as be an ideological, strong, healthy person in mind and body with a high level of motivation for new achievements.

“The science”

The goal is to form a community of leaders in scientific and technological development who share common values ​​and are ready to take responsibility for the scientific and technological development of the university and the country as a whole. The nomination is intended to select researchers, young scientists, popularizers of science who are ready to achieve results, make scientific breakthroughs, develop scientific centers of the University and increase the prestige of the region / country.


The goal is to identify the most promising leaders of the new formation for the university management system. The applicant must be able to give orders, resolve conflict situations, work in a team, delegate authority and motivate employees, achieves the set goals in a short time.


The goal is to identify the most promising personnel in the field of culture, art and education. It is necessary to make the achievements in the field of culture and art even more noticeable, to draw up a map of the most interesting and meaningful projects from all over the university, changing life around and shaping the trends of the cultural life of tomorrow.

“PR: Journalism and Mass Media”

The goal is to form a community of promising young professionals in the field of media lighting and advertising. The nomination is aimed at supporting meaningful manifestations of civic consciousness, popularizing values, enlightening and raising the prestige of journalism, and establishing professional standards and criteria.


The goal is to identify the most promising personnel in the field of volunteering. It is necessary to increase the involvement of university students in solving social problems, support existing volunteer associations, expand and develop their areas of activity.


The goal is to identify the most promising personnel for projects in the real sector of the economy and social entrepreneurship. The efforts of the nominees should be aimed at replicating and scaling the results of project activities, at finding and implementing options for the commercialization of applied developments in the field of engineering and technology, as well as socially significant initiatives.

"Digital technologies"

The goal is to identify professionals with high potential who are able to create the future using digital technologies. The nomination will help to identify competent technology specialists focused on the development and implementation of new IT products based on modern end-to-end digital technologies and platform solutions.

Organizing committee of the competition:

The Contest is run by the organizing committee approved by the order of the rector. The organizing committee includes: rector - chairman of the organizing committee, vice-rectors, heads of departments for supervised areas of activity, corresponding to the nominations of the competition. All issues related to the organization and conduct of the Competition are resolved by the Organizing Committee collectively.

For each nomination, an expert group is created, which determines the nominees in a particular field of knowledge and presents it to the organizing committee for a collegial decision. The composition of the expert groups is coordinated and approved by the organizing committee. Each expert group consists of 5-7 teachers, university staff.

Competition procedure:

• Registration of participants: May 10 - May 25, 2021

• Remote qualifying stage in online testing mode: May 15 - May 25, 2021

• The main stage is a comprehensive assessment of skills and abilities in the selected nomination: May 25 - June 05, 2021.

• Final of the competition: June 08 - June 10, 2021

Video interview is an assessment task for the 1st block of the remote qualifying stage of the Competition, in which the participant must answer two questions:

1. What is the purpose of your participation in the Competition?

2. What is your main professional achievement?

The duration of the interview is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Use the guide to create a video interview.

Online testing of block II of the remote qualifying stage is carried out in compliance with the following conditions:

•   the participant is tested to assess his managerial potential;

•   according to the test results, the values ​​of the individual rating of each participant at this stage are determined.

The main stage of the Competition is held in the form of face-to-face events, subject to the following conditions:

• participants who have successfully passed the qualifying stage undergo a comprehensive assessment of managerial competencies, completing tasks (individual and in groups);

• the results of passing the assessment determine the values ​​of the individual rating of each participant based on the results of this stage;

•   the winners of the main stage of the Competition are determined separately for each track based on the individual ratings of the participants;

• during the main stage of the Competition, training and communication events are held with invited experts.

Prizes and awards to the winners of the Competition:

• certificate for passing educational programs / internships in partner organizations of the university;

• financing of the design solution presented within the nomination of the competition;

• inclusion in the program of the personnel reserve of the university, which gives the winner the right to apply for a position in the structural divisions of the university and in the future to find a job;

• participation in a mentoring program with leading employees of the university and an internship in one of the structural divisions of the university

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"Leaders of MarSU" is an open personnel project for talented and perspective students from all over the university


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