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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



History of Mari State University: key dates and events

1 September 1972 – the University opens its doors to the students. It has at the moment 4 Schools: Physics and Mathematics, History and Philology, Agriculture and Biology, and Chemistry (former Natural Science School of Nadejda Krupskaya Teachers Training Institute)

25 November 1972 – the opening ceremony is held

May 1974 – the Botany Department, and the Human and Animal Anatomy and Physiology Department are opened

21 May 1975 – the Russian Language and Literature Department, and the Mari Language and Literature Department arise on the basis of the Russian Language Department

  • new Departments appear: General History, Plant Cultivation, Organic and Biological Chemistry

24 July 1977 – the Mathematical Analysis and Function Theory Department is set up

2 June 1980 – the Accounting, Analysis and Statistics Department is established

3 June 1981 – the Agriculture School splits into the Economics School (qualifications: Agricultural economy and management, and Accounting) and the School of Agriculture.

  • the Zootechnics Department is divided into the General and Special Zootechnics
  • the Mari Language and Literature Department is renamed into the Mari Philology Department

9 June 1982 – the Mathematics Department splits from the Mathematical Analysis and Function Theory Department

30 June 1983 – the Agriculture and Agricultural Production Mechanization Department splits into the Agriculture Department and the Agricultural Production Mechanization and Electrification Department

  • the Russian History Department splits from the General history Department

8-10 February 1985 – first folk festival held by the University

25 July 1985 – the Russian Language and Literature Department splits into the Russian Language Studies and General Linguistics Department and the Russian and Foreign Literature Studies Department

24 August 1987 – the Agriculture Department joins the Agricultural Chemistry and the Soil Science Department under the name of the Agriculture and Agricultural Chemistry Department

25 June 1992 – the Law School is set up

2 August 1993 – the Regional History Department is established

28 December 1994 – the School of Energy Supply is set up

9 February 1995 –the Crop Production Storing and Processing Technology Department is established at the Agriculture School

13 May 1995 – the Departments of Mari Literature and Finno-Ugric Languages appear on the basis of the Department of Mari and Finno-Ugric Philology

12 February 1996 – the Energy Supply School is set up on the basis of a Physics and Mathematics School Study program

30 December 1996 – the Agriculture School is renamed into the Agrarian Technology School

September 1998 – the School of Culture and Arts is opened

September 1999 – the School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication is established

16 December 1999 – the Russian-Swedish Center is opened at the University

March 2001 – the Culture and Arts Department is set up

June 2001 – the Mari Language Department is established at the History and Philology School

September 2001 – 3 Foreign Languages Departments are opened at the Linguistics and Intercultural Communication School

February 2002 – the Agrarian Technology School becomes the Agrarian Technology Institute of Mari State University

  • the Plant Protection Department is opened
  • the School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication is renamed into the School of International Relations

May 2006 – Mari State University initiated the creation of the International Association of Finno-Ugric Universities, the first meeting of members is held in Yoshkar-Ola

June 2007 – the Hungarian Center is opened at the School of History and Philology due to the donation from the Mayor of Budapest Mr. Gabor Demski

August 2007 – Mari State University and Nadejda Krupskaya Teachers Training Institute merge together. The School of Foreign Languages, School of Primary Education, School of Pedagogy and Psychology, School of Physical Training and Sports, School of Technology and Vocational Training become part of the university

25 November 2007 – 35th Anniversary of MarSU

2008 – new structure of Mari State University approved; The Institute of Finno-Ugric Studies is established on the basis of the Departments of Mari Language and Culture and Finno-Ugric Languages; The School of Philology and Journalism is formed by the Departments of Russian Language and Literature and Journalism; The School of Economics is transformed into the the Institute of Economics, Management and Finances.

June 2009 – Mari State University is awarded with the gold medal «European Quality. 100 best universities of the Russian Federation – 2009», MarSU Rector, Dr. Vitaly Makarov is awarded with the honorary breastplate «Best rector – 2009» by the Independent Public Council of the competition «European Quality: Gold Medal».

Latest announcements


On December 13, 2021, for the first time, an intra-university student Olympiad in general hygiene and human ecology was held for foreign students (in English).



"Leaders of MarSU" is an open personnel project for talented and perspective students from all over the university


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    Victory at the XII International Youth Symposium on Management, Economics and Finance
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    The seventh session of the student mathematical seminar
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