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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



Information about the Library

Scientific Library of Mari State University was established in October 1972. To the 35th Anniversary of the University the Library became one of the leading libraries of Republic Mari El. Regina A. Panova had been the first head of the library till 2005. Nowadays the Library Department is headed by Vladimir V. Izykin. The staff of the Library on 1 February 2008 consisted of 114 people.

Since 1988 Scientific Library is the Methodological Library Centre of Higher and Secondary Professional Educational Establishments of Republic Mari El. This community consists of 18 libraries. From 1996 the library is the member of the Inter-regional business libraries association. In 1997 the library was granted membership of the International Scientific and Technological Russian Libraries Association. And later in 1999 it became the member of Russian Library Association (the section of university libraries). Since 2003 the establishment has been the member of the Inter-regional analytical list of articles project and since 2007 has been the participant of electronic documents delivery project in the framework of the Regional Library Community Association.

The courses of additional education can be attended by the students in the framework of the Library.

Several centres are functioning with the library in common:

  • Methodological Centre
  • Centre of Educational and Informational Support
  • European Union Information Centre

The aim of the Methodological Centre is to render methodical assistance, to introduce new library and information technologies and to raise the level of librarians’ skills (academic and research conferences, seminars, courses for librarians of different systems and departments).

The Centre of Educational and Informational Support is the complex subdivision of the library which renders library and informational services to the teachers of educational institutions, students, librarians on the relevant problems of educational development.

The main goal of the European Union Informational Centre (the “EU-I”) is to promote and develop European research and information about the European Union. The centre renders printed matters of European Union and European publications with the purpose of using them in scientific and educational research, gives supplemental information concerning questions within the competence of the Centre. It also advises people and organizations on the questions of European Union activities (including legislation, economic, social and cultural life). The European Union Informational Centre is the base for conferences, seminars, and round tables devoted to European integration processes and bilateral relations between Russian Federation and European Union. The centre is also a special fund for European integration history courses where students can pick up information for their research (seminars, course papers and graduate works).

The Library consists of 12 departments, 7 reading halls, 7 subscriptions. The library fund numbers over 1,000,0000 items.

  • Document Integration Department
  • Department of Scientific Information Processing
  • Electronic Resources Department
  • Readers Service Department
  • Foreign Literature Department
  • Scientific Documentation Department
  • Basic Book Depositary Department
  • Scientific Bibliographical Department
  • Law Faculty Department
  • Department of Humanitarian Education Popularization
  • Department of National and Regional Studies Literature
  • Methodological Department

In January 2008 the Library of Mari State Pedagogical Institute named after N.K. Krupskaja joined the Scientific Library of Mari State University.

Latest announcements


On December 13, 2021, for the first time, an intra-university student Olympiad in general hygiene and human ecology was held for foreign students (in English).



"Leaders of MarSU" is an open personnel project for talented and perspective students from all over the university


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of events

  • 14
    MarSU students took part in the "Memory Windows" campaign
  • 10
    For the first time, a reading competition was held at MarSU
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