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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



Student life

Student life at Mari State University is so diverse that anyone can find something to his/her liking – scientific communities, interest clubs, sports schools, volunteering, charity work, public work, cultural events, and as a whole – constant movement, development, exchange of experience, and communication with students from other higher educational institutions in Russia and other countries throughout the world.

There are student scientific societies in each faculty or institute, with the university's main student scientific society as the center uniting them, which offers participation in youth forums, seminars, and conferences on the city, republican, regional, national, and international levels. This serves as an opportunity for winners to obtain diplomas for their portfolios, and as an opportunity for students to exchange experiences with students from different cities, and to get acquainted with the culture and sights of beautiful cities in Russia and around the world while traveling.

During the academic year our students take active part in different types of events, creative competitions and projects, such as: the first-year students' festival of creativity "Voice of Youth", in which each faculty or institute presents a program which includes different genres of art: choreography, vocal and instrumental compositions, theatrical performance; KVN ("Club of the Funny and Inventive"), student theatre of variety miniatures, journalism, original genre; festival of KVN teams; "New Year's marathon": artistic creativity, costume show, New Year's kaleidoscope of talents, dancing-parties, celebratory outings in boarding schools of the Mari El Republic; and finally, "Student's spring", "Republican student's spring", "The All-Russian student's spring" which are three stages of creative competition, among others.

Undergraduates, activists, and representatives of the Mari State University council of students and graduate students will meet new students, including foreign students, and will surround them with attention, helping, guiding and giving them advice on matters important for every freshman student: from questions about residence to questions about the first exam session. Many events for first-year students will help them feel at home including: "Knowledge Day", "The first time in the best university": acquaintance with the university, "Student Initiation", team building training, competitions of interactive and wall newspapers "Let's get acquainted!", and also evenings of acquaintances, meetings and seminars on studying and student life. Our university is a multinational university and we are proud of it, because we cannot be defeated when we stand together.
Peoples’ friendship gives the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture, customs and life of different countries and parts of great Russia while studying. Under the motto: "Tell about your homeland, share with friends, let the whole world learn about it!", the "Festival of friendship of peoples" is held, which provides an introduction to the culture and way of life of different countries. As part of the fairs "national cultures days", the International Finno-Ugric student's forum, "EthnoStarteenager", "National hero's day", a theatrical festival in different languages of the world, foreign song competitions, and the festival of the international friendship club are held.
Students of the first classical university in the Republic of Mari El make a big contribution to the volunteer corps of the country. We have a school of activists "Volunteering" within the Healthy Initiative project, we visit orphanages via the "Restore Childhood" program, we carry out "Week of Kindness" and "We are for a Healthy Lifestyle" activities. Most students and professors take part in the donor marathon "Don't be afraid to save someone's life", "A calendar of good deeds".
In our university, the history and life events of those who presented the future to our generation, play an important role. That is why the search group "Voskreseniye"/ "Resurrection" and school of patriotism function here. They provide assistance to war and labour veterans and hold events devoted to the celebration of the Great Victory in World War II, such as: "Memory watch" and "Undying regiment".
As early as the first year of study, each student can show his/her professional skills within their specialty by taking part in competitions of professional skill, talent, beauty, grace, and artistry, such as: "The Beauty of Mari State University", "Mr. Mari State University", "Miss Finno-Ugric student", "Tatyana of the Volga Region", "The Beauty of Russia", "Miss Lingua", "Miss Philology", "Miss Economist", "Mr. Fizmatyanin", "Power engineer's day", and "I am a journalist".

Our students are actively engaged in social and project activity: writing grants, doing projects in different areas, such as: business, innovative and scientific activity, art square, patriotic education, volunteering, student government, youth initiatives, and media technologies.

In summer, the whole population of the friendly kingdom of "Mari State University" can relax in a magnificent place of the Mari El Republic– on the shore of one of the biggest and purest lake, "Yalchik", or in the sports camp "Olympiets" where everything contributes to a fine rest and the enjoyment of nature. There, the students can also gain strength and energy for the next academic year.

We take pride in the fact that we study at our university, which is a second home for us, where we can get an education, constructive feedback from qualified professors, and opportunities for development and improvement of additional skills in the fields of creativity, sciences, sport and other areas.

Mari State University is not only the first classical university in the Republic of Mari El, but also it is the University whose staff were the first to create a new generation computer network, "MarGRID". This is the university where every day a great number of new and interesting events, national and international, happen. It is the University where WE study. YOU can also become a member of our big family, join the team of Mari State University! We are waiting for YOU!

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On December 13, 2021, for the first time, an intra-university student Olympiad in general hygiene and human ecology was held for foreign students (in English).



"Leaders of MarSU" is an open personnel project for talented and perspective students from all over the university


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