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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



Centre of Economical Research

The Centre of Economical Research was created on the basis of the laboratory of economical forecasting in September 2001. It is a structural self-financing subdivision of Mari State University that is held by the Institute of Economics, Management and Finance (IEMF).

The Centre does its research work on the basis of government grants in the sphere of economical analysis and business contracts that are negotiated with the ministries of Mari El and different enterprises of the republic.

The scientists of the Centre led by its head participated in the section "Human and Society Sciences" of projects contest in 2002, and won a grant of 300 thousand roubles.

The use of modern methods of data analysis and professional statistics packages allows to realize all-round and comprehensive statistical analysis in business, politics, science, industry, education, and other spheres. The Centre carries out the following kinds of calculation: factorial analysis that allows to determine main factors that influence one or another event; multidimensional classification of the objects that bases on such statistical methods as classification trees, cluster and discriminative analysis, modelling that bases on the use of econometric approach (regression analysis, nonlinear models, and others); forecasting based on the use of time series methods, and adaptive methods of forecast designing; the development and the use of a new trend in the sphere of economical analysis and forecasting - the neural networks.

The Centre realizes an activity of all-round automation of accountable work on the enterprises of different profiles with the use of programmes system "1C: Predpriyatie". The Centre carries out strategic changes in its configuration when accounting scheme changes. There are different forms of cooperation in the sphere of automation of accounting and economical activity available: the examination of accounting's state with giving recommendations on automation of accounting and management activity; single consultations, and the work on setting up the systems; service maintenance and support; the full cycle of work on examination, implementation, and support of automation of accounting and economical activity system.

The Centre actively works on development and implementation in the educational process of IEMF of modern methods of economical analysis, and automated tools of economical data processing.

There are some tendencies in the development of the Centre. First of all, there is a certain amount of work done in the sphere of quality economical analysis. On the base of the Centre textbooks of methodics are being developed that aim at the use of applied statistics and econometrical methods. These textbooks form the basis of the courses that aim at teaching a student to skillfully analyse available information and know how to make effective business decisions. The Centre also actively works in the sphere of accumulation of professional experience in the field of accounting and economical activity automation of the enterprises. It negotiates the contracts of work on automation and organizes its activity so that the students have the opportunity to take exams and get certificates that prove the ability of professional use of 1C products. The Centre has necessary professional personnel that have the right to instruct and to grade exams that provide corresponding certificates. The Centre contributed to the fact that Mari State University negotiated a treaty with the company "Alor Invest" on the cooperation in the sphere of skillful specialists training for the work on stock market. The first phase of the project is the creation of initiative group of students that will contribute to accumulation of certain experience of work in this sphere, with a further prospective of its use in the educational process of IEMF.

The Centre is a necessary element for uniting scientific potential of IEMF represented by the students, candidates, and teachers, for solving economical problems that has been arising in the recent years, and contributes to the increasing of general scientific level in IEMF

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