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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



Preparatory department

Address: Yoshkar-Ola, Kremlevskaya st., 44
Tel: +7 8362 687-900 (1796)
E-mail: prep.dept@marsu.ru
Head: Ierusalimskaya Anna Alexandrovna

The goal of the preparatory department is to prepare our students to further studies in Russian.

We offer the programs preparing to studies in:

  • Medicine and Biology (Russian, Biology, Chemistry, Physic, History)
  • Engineering and Technology (Russian, Physics, Mathematics, Informatics, History)
  • Humanitarian sciences (Russian, English, Literature, Social studies, History)
  • Economics (Russian, English, Mathematics, Social studies, History)
  • Natural Sciences (Russian, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, History)
  • Russian language

Studying lasts 7-11 months.

You can apply for the preparatory department programs from 20.08.2018 to 16.02.2019 for Medicine and Biology, Engineering and Technology, Humanitarian sciences, Economics, Natural Sciences.

You can apply for the preparatory department from 20.08.2018 to 15.04.2019 for Russian language.

After passing all the exams at the end of the academic year a student gets a certificate.

Required documents for applying:

1. a copy of passport

2. a notarized translation of passport

3. a high school diploma/certificate with marks sheet

4. a notarized translation of the high school diploma/certificate with marks sheet

5. medical papers stating that the student does not have socially dangerous contagious diseases and is able to study in the Russian Federation

6. a notarized translation of these medical papers

7. a medical certificate for HIV examination

8. a notarized translation of the medical certificate for HIV examination

9. a medical certificate for vaccination (if a student does not have this certificate the university can require to complete vaccination in Russia)

10. a notarized translation of the medical certificate for vaccination

11. 12 photos 3x4

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    dinner: с 12.00 до 13.00

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