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Mari State University

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education



Mari State University signed a cooperation agreement with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Mari El

03.06.2021 15:10:00

Since the establishment of the Faculty of Law, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Mari El has been a reliable strategic partner in the training of legal personnel.

Chairmen of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Mari El Valery Romanov, Doctor of Law, Professor and Vasily Glushkov, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor initiated the creation of a law faculty at the first classical university of the Republic of Mari El. Having appeared in the early 90s in difficult times, having become the embodiment of current trends in the development of society, the faculty still occupies leading positions in legal education not only in the Republic of Mari El, but also beyond its borders.

Over the past 30 years, the Faculty of Law has trained tens of thousands of highly qualified lawyers, including those for the judicial system of the Republic of Mari El. A distinctive feature of the Faculty of Law throughout its history has been a strong connection between theory and practice, an orientation towards the formation of students' practical skills and abilities. In this regard, it is necessary to note the significant contribution that reliable partners made to the formation of the faculty, including the courts of general jurisdiction. This is assistance in the formation of curricula, conducting classes by the best lawyers - judges of the Supreme Court of the RME, Alexander Davydov, Tamara Moshkova, Svetlana Toyisheva, Tatiana Chernova.

Today, the signing of the agreement should become a way out to a new stage of cooperation between the Mari State University and the Supreme Court of the RME, the vector of which should be the practice-oriented training of qualified legal personnel for the judicial system of the republic.

So, already this year it is planned to open a profile specialty SPO "Law and Judicial Administration" in order to train personnel for organizational and administrative support for the administration of justice.

In the near future, the team of the Faculty of Law and the opening of the specialty "Judicial and Prosecutorial Activities".

We hope that the fruitful cooperation of the Supreme Court of the RME and the Mari State University will contribute to the further development of legal education in our republic.

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